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Industries We Serve

Texas Steel Processing has extensive plate inventories and state-of-the-art processing to offer customers a complete solution with one purchase order. We provide services to a wide range of customers and industries

What We Do

Oil and Gas

Heavy Equipment


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Oil & Gas

ASME Code Vessels – Cylinders for Separators, Compressors, Slug Catchers, Pig Launchers, Heat Exchangers, Boilers and any other Production Equipment need. Re-pads, Cut internal

Storage Tank

Tank kits from 30 FT to 300 FT diameter, Cut Bottoms, Rolled Shell Plate, Pontoons, Decks, Roofs, Manways, Nozzles, Rolled Inserts, Wind Girders, Fabricated accessories

Heavy Equipment

Weldments, sub assemblies, attachments, multi-process parts

Marine Industry

Offshore motion compensation, equipment, hardware, cranes, traveling blocks and more

Miscellaneous Fabrication

Gears, Lift Lugs, counter-weights, custom parts, kits and more

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