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Advanced Plate Processing

Texas Steel Processing is committed to providing exceptional service with advanced plate processing under one roof and a team dedicated to exceeding expectations.
We serve customers in oil & gas, marine, heavy equipment, fabrication, and storage tank industries.

Our Capabilities

Plate Burning

Plasma 3/16” – 2”
Oxy-fuel 2” – 12”
CNC & Straight Line Beveling


Drilling, Tapping, Counter
Sinking, Milling
Hole Diameter .125” to 3.00”

ASME Welding

Code Girth & Long Seams
Non-Code projects

Plate Rolling

Thickness 3/16” – 4”
Diameter 18” OD – 156” OD
Length Up to 144” Long

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Texas Steel Processing (TSP) is a distributor of steel plate focused on customer service, fast delivery, competitive pricing, and state-of-the-art processing. TSP specializes in plate processing and fabrication for a wide range of industries including oil & gas, marine, heavy equipment, and more. We continue to invest in new technology to meet the changing demands of metal-based manufacturing. Our in-house processing capabilities include burning, blasting, drilling, rolling, and welding. We are committed to providing world-class quality and customer service to all our customers

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What Our Customers are Saying

“We are extremely happy with the pricing, quality and lead time
of the shells Texas Steel created for us. With the round shell,
accurate length & thickness, and bevels at the right angles, our
weld shop can work faster to get the finished product complete.
You help us make a positive impact with our customers”

“Texas Steel was able to fulfill an order for us on very short notice. They were also accommodating and proactive in assisting us with our inventory needs.”

“Texas Steel did a great job in rolling shell plate for us. They are perfectly rolled and the bevels are flawless. We made the right decision in going with Texas Steel Processing.”

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