Plate Rolling and Forming

Our Press Brake capacity ranges from 750 tons to 2000 tons with lengths from 10 feet through 40 feet, providing unparalleled forming capability. Skilled craftsman and the integration of CNC controllers, advanced gauging and hydraulics ensure accuracy of parts.

We have developed synergistic relationships with the highest quality plate bending shops in the Huston area. These relationships allow us to offer notably competitive prices on the highest quality formed components.

Cylinders, Shells, Cones, and Repads

Our rolling machines enable us to roll plate shells into shells specifically for tanks, rolled rings, eccentric cones, concentric cones, and repads. These rolled products can be fabricated from our own plate inventory or from customer supplied material.

Plate shells are rolled to ASME code specifications. Shells can be supplied square cut, or beveled with long seams and tack welded, or with fully welded girth and long seams.

We can provide cones square cut, or beveled with long seams tack welded, or fully welded circumferential and long seams. Components rolled from our plate inventory are accompanied with Mill Test Certificates. In the case of hot rolled items, Furnace Heat Charts can be provided upon request.

Faccin CNC controlled plate roll with 21" top roll capable of rolling 1-1/2" thick x 10' wide carbon steel plate. This computer numerical control plate roll can also provide one-piece construction concentric cones. This bay is served by two 100 ton cranes.

Beveling plate is also done in this bay either by track torch (bug burning) or a machined bevel with a mechanical beveler called a PullMax. 144" OD thin wall cylinders are rolled on this machine using the upper support.

Watch our plate rolling
and forming process in action

Dimensional Rolling Capabilities

Min. Diameter: 16" (406 mm) I.D.
Max Thickness: cold rolled 2.75; hot rolled 4"
Max Length: 144" (3,658 mm)

Thicker plate available as lengths decrease and diameters increase.

We are capable of rolling up to 12 foot length plate of 50,000 yield to the following dimensions: