We service a wide range of customers across numerous industries:

  • Field erected steel tank kits delivered to job sites – from 30 ft. to greater than 300 ft. outside diameter – with sketch plates for tank tops and bottoms

  • Pressure vessel and heat exchanger repair and manufacturing including boilers and chillers

  • Marine offshore motion compensation

  • Marine equipment and hardware

  • Marine cranes, winches, draw works, traveling blocks, mud pumps, and other plate component parts

  • Construction equipment

  • Valve manufacturing

  • Fabricators and machine shop sub contractors

  • Steel kits provided to manufactures of cranes, winches, mud pumps, forklifts, and other machinery

"Texas Steel did a great job in rolling shell plate for us. They are perfectly rolled and the bevels are flawless. We made the right decision in going with Texas Steel Processing."
Texas Steel Customer