Value Added Processing Capabilities

We have the latest plasma / oxy fuel cutting capabilities with 400 amp, robotic beveling heads. We also have two rolling machines that can handle plate up to 3 inches thick and 12 feet wide. Press braking, milling, and welding round out the additional processing capabilities that we manage directly to meet our customers' needs.

Our expertise in Plate Rolling and ASME Certified Welding are what set us apart from the rest of the competition. In addition, we have many other capabilities all housed under one roof: We can cut various sizes and shapes, drill holes, roll and bend plate, and make full penetration welds which eliminates the extra handling involved in utilizing outside processing shops. This also helps us maintain the high quality standards on each and every order we deliver to our customers.

"Texas Steel was able to fulfill an order for us on very short notice. They were also accommodating and proactive in assisting us with our inventory needs."
Texas Steel Customer